Life is Great

Nice and warm weather, blue sky..
Brand new Dell in Business School with 17″ LCD
Easter holiday started.. no more stress, life is GREAT~

Food shopping

went to Asda n Iceland to do food shopping with M n E
bought lots of foods… wanna gain some weight in this Easter

Bicester Village

yeh, Bicester Village.. wanna go? text me, I will ring u bak~

Never switch off

I love BitTorrent
BitTorrent = Hong Kong TV programs’ database
– TVB – Ding
– CableTV – 玩死男朋友
– CableTV – 先睇星期四,再睇星期五 [吳君如 杜文澤]
– RTHK – HKconnection
– TVB – Sunday Report
– etc…..

Planning DaXxX ReBorn

hehehe, planning to get a new server… hope everythings will go fine~

17 thoughts on “

  1. hey heard you had a gunbound account i added you on my buddy list!
    my game id id :PIXELx3
    well see ya


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