Welcome to DaXxX XanGA 2005 Pre6
I am Hong Kong’s brand new leader – Dax

is our home
This is our place
We Love Hong Kong

I am going to play an old song…
wanna listen it? (click
here Now

Do you like Green and my Aston theme..Tell me what you think~

19 thoughts on “

  1. quite succict with de title on…depends on the contents ..looking forward ar ”by de way ..why 25c??what’s special meaning of it ?well ..quite plain pic but quite matching de theme..keep going .looks ok nice la


  2. Love d song, Anita Mui 1 right?
    Neway, do u know to make flash, sure know right? Well, so far I go around the Xanga found that now the xanga are very very up to date. Those designer bring out their layout to flash, everything in flash. Quite interesting. Check it now “mark“. The Job —>jeezzzz…amazing!
    BYW, I don’t like green. I’m more prefer Orange or Sky Blue..hehehe….different pplz different view. Keep it up.
    Regards,Doris Chu


  3. wow nice nice site!
    umm u think u can help me out with my project? it wont take long…all u gotta do is go to my site and answer dem questions…thnx
    greenz a hot color gyeaa


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