I C Q  6

新一代可能未聽過 ICQ, 都真係幾經典, 成個 list 600人得三個 Online
Yes, it’s ICQ, Oh yes, before Yahoo IM, before MSN, before AIM, let’s relive the past
回想十年前, ICQ 與 fungfung.net 一起誔生, 而 ICQ6 剛在昨天推出
Add my ICQ- 5258490 吧~

btw, 聽說政府正諮詢增強保護知識產權法, 想立例令BT 犯法
聽起都幾好笑, 咁多專業人士都用緊BT, 如果將來 BT 真的會犯法, 睇下個香港會點~~
一句講哂, Bit Torrent might violate copyright, but not wrong…

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  1. I play ICQ before.. but it seem liked no one online in my list anymore, so I uninstall it >__<… well, BT may end up like Napster.. but I still don’t believe the law will excess anyway…. If once they ban BT, maybe there will be another service come out.. LOL.. If i have time install my ICQ, I will try to add you ^^ to my friend list ga~~ (heheheh)


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