M a r r i a g e  W i t h  A  F o o l

尋日同 L and H 係 AMC 睇完 X-man
睇獨家試愛… 然後再做左個新ending… 而家我貴為youtube Director, 下次會再加多D effect, 立即收看DaXxX GrouP 環峰堂HD 又一舉世作品

7 thoughts on “

  1. first…you are so cute
    叫人去睇….點可以話ok好睇….應該話好好睇ma XD
    應該完果時….首歌係唱到 “可否再一次以後 一直愛”
    咁就perfect 啦…(just my comment)


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