DaXxX GrouP’s Marketing Mix – Promotion


– Objective

Become a well-known company in the world, join HK Stock Exchange Market in 2016.

– Budget Decisions
Adopting objective and task approach, this involves determining the advertising objective and then ascertaining the tasks needed to attain those objective

– Message and Media Decisions
TV/web Advertisement, website


重記得個廣告叫環峰堂Fish Fish Advertisement
講及幾條魚遊去環峰堂, 五年後的今天.. 峰峰集團電視廣告born in HK上映了

“我在十二歲已開始拍攝及剪片, 所有家族旅行都由我拍攝, 今次要在短時間拍成峰峰集團電視廣告, 確是一個考驗, 但我熱愛電影工作”

click the Play button to watch DaXxX GrouP Advertisement – born in HK

Svend Hollensen (2004), Communication decisions, Global Marketing(3rd edition), Essex, Prentice Hall, pp. 557-593.

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