its 2am.. i m in Uni again~
finally, done my work.. can’t believe it
have to thx so many ppl- Terry, Karley, Chris, Sopia and Stranger A
they taugh me most of the parts.. hahaha.. i m bad in Java
can’t even build a text menu…
and the lecturer thinks we know everything…
everyone have to work hard, good luck tmr


I am listening 903 好回家 and reading Appledaily now
arrive here since 2pm in the afternoon…
and found out
The student in our Uni never sleep ga wo
ppl keep coming in and out… students love drinking Red Bull
thats why our Uni is the BEST Uni in the world, hahaha <- I said that

Brand NEW Dell with 17″ LCD @ Business School

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  2. hmmm i used to live in hillsborough court Court 1 36/F flat A .and we can see the peak but not the harbour and theres this big big big balcony and another one on the top too. there were 3 floors but its so hottt


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