Doctor said…

Went to Doctor on Monday
she said I m fine after checking my temperature, heart pressure etc…
but there really a pain in my abdominal wo…
so I decided to find out the reason by MYSELF!
been surfing on the net in these few days
I found a illness which match my symptom
its called Irritable Bowel
Syndrome(IBS) 腸躁症
not too bad… cos IBS is not a disease. it does not damage the bowel
or cause any other diseases. It’s just a functional disorder, which
means that the bowel doesn’t work as it should.
anyway.. i m Doctor Danny now.. hahaha
wanna know more about IBS, pls click here

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Opera 8

Finally, its Opera 8 Final
Opera was my Favourite Browser before…
cos its fast, safe, smart, tiny, quick, nice, strong, pro…
Opera 8 allow ppl to talk to the browser
i just tried out that feature.. I said “Yo Home”
then it directed to my homepage
when i said “Yo XanGA” it comes to my XanGA…
but your room have to be very quiet…
if not, Opera will reply and say “Sorry, I did not undstand”

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11 thoughts on “

  1. GP in here are reli useless, wo wo ..diagnosed by urself ? hope u get well soon , but be aware of ur symptoms ,coz may not be that simple ,acute pain might come up with chronic pain..therefore,highly recommend u2do body check when bk home.


  2. haha large intestine infection !! haaa i think fung fung u ate too much !! Shakespears have a say ” your mouth never close and ur ass never open” haa ! 🙂 take care and get well soon !! otherwise dim go party up in HK woh !


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