Pain in Abdominal

dunno why.. there’s a pain in my Abdominal
went to Health Centre with B yesterday
the nurse said I have to see doctor wo.. useless
no revision.. cant go out n play
have to stay at home and watch movies.. sigh~~
btw, thx B

Doctor on Monday

havent book yet
sigh…… have to see doctor again~


Talked to 2 old friends

3 years… havent talk to them around 3 years…..
called them because…
前天,找回好多以前收過的信, 係手寫的letters, not Email wo
而家睇返好好笑, 點解? 壹, 五年前, 我剛到UK, 要用最原始的郵差傳紙
二, 睇返D信先知道佢地寫個信被我, 對唔住, 其實有D信原來
係冇真正睇過, 直至五年後嘅今日先真正去睇, 對唔住…
重然之, 今日我打返被其中寫過信被我的二位.. 有一個竟然問我係咪想自殺~~ hahaha
當然唔係啦, 我的網頁又復活了, 怎捨得離開呀…
之不過大家也在忙, 而又身在遠處 ja ma
當他們接我電話的時侯, 我好似找回了一些失去了很久的東西

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  2. hiya 🙂 could i ask you why you go to the uk? how to go there? how’s life there? you enjoy staying in the lovely uk so far?! thanks:) btw-your xanga is way cool!!! how do you make your profile pic look like that?!


  3. yo man,
    your website isn’t bad either 🙂
    kool to be interviewed by RTHK, i previously joined the SCMP HK web design competition around 2000 or so, and got runner-up.
    haha exchange design ideas sometime, if u need some feedback on a design just ask.


  4. is it stomachache ?
    but u told me not ur stomach….
    btw thx for ur dinner that i forgot to say that night ….’thx you you’
    hope u feel better la………


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