PASSED My Driving Theory Test

yes, so happy.. hehehe
went to Snow hill plaza 18/F for my theory test
arrived there at 2:30pm, 30mins earlier
but i don’t have to wait,
they let me go in and take the test after I put my stuff into the
locker… 18/F nice view, can see the whole Birmingham, even my
apt and my Uni..
anyway… The Multiple Choice its kinda easy, because i did most of the
questions before. Hazard perception is ok, i missed one hazard..
after i left the exam’s room.. they gave me the Certificate.. Yeah, I made it
looking forward to my practical driving test now

Mercedes to build 55 CLS special editions

has cooperated with the Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen to create an
exclusive model called the CLS 55 AMG WC Ingenier?to debut at the
watch show in Frankfurt. The paint and trim accent color matches the
titanium case of the new ngenieur AMG?watch from IWC. The IWC also
gets a new instrument cluster and several layers of black piano lacquer
and varnish for the dashboard treatments. The seats also get the
titanium look using nappa leather. 55 IWC timepieces have been
specially made just for the buyers, but the standard editions will be
available for non-AMG customers. More pictures at the link.

McLaren running with the P8 ball

said they didn want it, so McLaren is keeping it. The P8 was to be
Mercedes?next supercar, which was going to be another McLaren
corroboration like the SLR. Mercedes didn have the extra cash to
spend so with what appears to be MB blessing, McLaren will engineer
the vehicle exclusively. The over 500 hp supercar was supposed to be
about $200,000 but with McLaren doing all the work, the price may reach
higher than that.

Rolls needs to sell 1,000-plus to make profit

isn just bringing to market two new models because people are
clamoring for them, BMW has said that the 792 Phantoms that were sold
globally last year was not enough for the company to be profitable. The
uber car maker will bolster their one car lineup with the stretched
Phantom and a convertible which AutoWeek is speculating will be called
the Corniche. They also report that the convertible will include the
suicide doors that were featured on the 100EX concept. That will be
interesting to see pan out.

MSN 7.0 Final Build 0777

the release of version 7 comes new features such as animated Winks
(derived from 3 Degrees, a Nudge feature to wake your contacts up and
the ability to show your contacts what music you’re currently playing.

MSN Messenger has been in Beta testing since late September of 2004. 7
months on the client has gone through some great changes and MSN is
finally happy with the result.

Nokia 8800

the new Nokia 8800 phone. Created for your ultimate pleasure, its
graceful looks and seamless functions will leave a lasting impression.
Every aspect has been meticulously considered and precisely engineered;
from the laser-cut curves of its steel-clad body to the
state-of-the-art slide mechanism and fine-pitched screen with
reinforced glass – this phone is a masterpiece. Let the exquisitely
composed ringing tones evoke your innermost emotions.

17 thoughts on “

  1. just come here for random propz.. hehehe… so that’s how the city view look like.. humm.. look great… hehehehe… different from here.. anyway… good luck to your test1!!!!


  2. 1st prop to u~
    congratulation on your theory test n good luck 4 da  cum’ driving test
    btw, every1 in da uk b careful !!! Dax is driving!!!!
    haha…joking joking juz kidding


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