Google Technology

DaXxX XanGA approved by Google AdSense
Danny(DaXxX GrouP CEO) feels happy to work with Google

New Pix Added to Zorpia

My Pix Since 2001 Added to Zorpia,
Pls visit–

DaXxX ReBorn Trailer – Flash Required

That trailer low B ma? hahaha
its my 1st time to make Flash with my face on =/
dunno what to put in it.. come up with the idea while playing the photos

What is DaXxX?
DaXxX – The leading personal web site in Hong Kong
DaXxX – My Personal web site since 1997 when I was 15 years old

Happy Easter
Easter.. a holiday which means a lot to me
anyway.. DaXxX’s Server is bak.. i can work on my site again~

45 thoughts on “

  1. wow cool xanga!! lol wish i had a check list likes urs! so what uni u go to? cambridge? anyway…thanks for acceptn me to the hk ppl blogring, cya!


  2. I get the Forum from, its free BTW. No need to do anything, but if you want to shifted the Forum to your own server then I still not study yet.
    I can’t help any, but I may try to find a good Forum tool for you. I go and search now, no guarantee one ok. If you want to chat with me online then add me at MSN Messegger.
    cya, good luck.
    Regards,Doris Chu


  3. hey there, i happened to randomly drop by ur site n i feel it is a very unique xanga which i have ever encounter!!! i am very impressed by your computer graphic skills n creativity!!i also visit some other ur sites n they are so awesome =) thz for sharing those stuffpropees~~


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    dat’s absolutely fab*
    u must b clever. how long does it take u?
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