Happy Easter

Did u found your Easter Egg?

Visit Host Family

Last Thursday, Went to visit my host family – Anne
the house changed a lot, they repaint the living room
and installed some nice brown windows, feeling so warm~~
but they r going to sell the house, because they don’t have any new student now, the house is far too big for them..
Anne still very very nice to me.. still treat me as good as her son,
she cooked dinner for me and asked me to stay.. but I have to go bak to
my apt, cos my life is kinda busy, sorry Anne… I promise I will come
over n visit again soon, very soon.
On that Day, JW and B also there, because they know i m coming..
they changed a lot, cant believe what i saw.. Ben is taller than me…
I still remember, I used to do babysit for him.. he is taller than me
now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG……….. he is taller than me!!!!!!!!!!! OMG,
he is taller than me!!!!!!! he is only 15 years old, OMG….. JW
changed a lot too, she knows how to dress now, hahaha.
time flies..

Bicester Village

Last Monday, went to Bicester Village with T, Ma, Ec and L
took many photos there.. bought a Fred Perry Jacket, happy

New Tesco

Today, went out with Mi
we went to watch Hitch @ AMC
forgot to show them my SNAPfax, anyway, the movie was ok
after movie, we went to the New Tesco Metro for their Grand Opening
so happy… so big.. so many stuff to get………………………………
I bought a lot of foods from there today
because they gave me a Money-saving coupon, happy…
hahaha, u guys have to come bak earlier, cos u already missed a chance to shop!

Phone call from F and S

Got a call from F,
havent talk to him for ages,
I may meet u in London this Friday
Got a call from S,
cant believe she came to Brum
looking forward to see u soon………be good~

Gran Turismo 4

Last Wed, went to MZ’s friend house for dinner
surprise……….. her friend got a Logitech?Driving Force?Pro
GT4 is great, there a Hong Kong circuit… I miss Hong Kong~~~

The 24th HK Film Awards

Just watched The 24th Hong Kong Film Awards
its a very bad show, the guests don’t even remember what to say
also why those people have to say Mandarin?? stupid~
very bad organise…… 
文 雋 we are shame on you
after watching that.. who will support HK movies? sigh~~

12 thoughts on “

  1. Ur xanga looks amazying, how many time do u spend on that? Thanks for accpeting me to be a part of HK@uk, much appreciate. Thanks again


  2. i went to bham on sunday..went to padthai to sing k…i’m going again today(tuesday) shopping and sing k again haha, but not going to chinese party at night~


  3. wow, u are studying in england!??! that rocks. i wish i studied abroad too -_-; hmm…maybe somewhere exotic like…pssshh, like my folks would allow me!


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