New Year Dinner

Went to MZ’s apt to have Lunar New Year Dinner
with MZ, T, Te, W and K, everyone have to prepare a dish
and I made 3 dishes, it kinda easy for me.. I m a PRO ma…

We played Bing Ban Wah and Seven Levels Pig after dinner…
I am good at those games, so i didnt lose… Lucky!

Karaoke in Birmingham

Went to PadThai to singK on Lunar New Year Eve
its my first time to go there, cos I do NOT into singing~
I didnt sing much that night, I drink and play 1520 most of the time
Amy is a Pro in 1520 and I cant believe there still have HK ppl dunno how to play 1520…
we all had a great time…  leave at 3:30am
saw a long queue outside… still lots of people waiting to get in…

Dinner @ V2

V2 – A Hong Kong Student Cafe in Birmingham
feel like a Hong Kong Magazines Store…….
A MUST GO restaurant for HK people in UK

Went there for dinner before New Year
We ordered Chicken.. Fish.. ToFu…
watching TVB and East Touch while having dinner…

actually, I go there at least once a week
you may bump into me when u go there.

My Room

My housemate asked me what it said on my door
I tell them – its saying gong xi fa choi

Shanghai Dinner

Cooked Shanghai foods at MZ’s apt
I learned how to make Shanghai noodles and veg rice.
it taste good and had a great fun..

Be in Birmingham

There are 10 massive Lunar New Year events held in Birmingham this year
but I only went to one of them which held in my Uni
can’t believe what I saw
there around 2000 people joined the event…
and they singing HK Pop Music on the stage, so funny..

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  1. haha….reli so many food and nice pix….wor
    where u get those greeting post from?
    by the way u seems had a great lunar new year…wt i think is u had fun more than HK when the lunar new year time…rite?
    Ps:lookin’ 4 the last Comm  lol


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