I am OLD…… My Autobiography – 霓虹人生 光照萬民

Exams its over, its time to write something LONG
yes, I m OLD, thats the topic
its OLD, not mature
mature is too kind for me!
i keep thinking when I was revising,
why my life changed so much?
Since last year
I always feel tire,
I don’t want to go out,
I don’t want to meet new ppl in real,
not into clubbing anymore
don’t want to go to London
sometimes even want to be alone!
don’t want to see people
don’t want to talk
only want to live alone with my laptop

is it because I m old?
I still remember, when I was 20
I never want to be alone
go out everyday, meet new ppl
and… much more

but… everythings had changed
I can’t have it back
what I want to say was
if you are still 20, enjoy your life,
but if you hate your life
please give it to me!
I fxxking don’t want to get OLD! GOD DAMN IT!

Me @ 20th years old (top) | Me @ 22nd years old (btm)

21 thoughts on “

  1. haa i think i have first know u when u are 20, with the 20yo look 🙂 exactly the same, dotn worry fung fung u an’t gettin old, even if u are HOHo is here with u aging together ! 🙂 and u look as HOT as before only MROE Hot now !! 🙂


  2. Buddy^ ^ U DON’T  LOOK OLD!!! u just feelin’ tired,bcoz u played 2 much games on internet la!!! so in the future let’s play games like ,<ten fifteen>etc~(which we played yesterday)as u always win so u’ll be happy and  if u be happy then u will look young !does that make sense 2 u?~~~


  3. hey! you dont look old so dont hate yaself.( asian peepz looks young anyway : P) but yeah i hate exam. haha. well i wish i was older so i can get outta here.


  4. hahaha u look really young when u was 18…!! anyway ur not old!! wat u call people that are 50 yrs old ar?? haha~
    u will be out partying and having fun soon ka la! =]


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