London     12C

I am happy, went down to London
had a haircut, bought a Fred Perry Polo Shirt etc……

真係會睇到不安,睇完聽完都覺得有D Down~

16 thoughts on “

  1. aiyaaa~guess u didnt read my xanga abt new yrs eve ar…wasnt a happy new yrs eve..didnt count down lor..just stayed in my room……so sad..but anyway, how about u where did u go for countdown~~? im going bham AGAIN tomorrow~~=_=’


  2. ohh..i know where u went for count down la..near broad st right? i been there 2 years ago~~it was quite good na!i went to bham yesterday cos my frd’s birthday ar..went to buy his present then went to sing k at Pad Thai…been there before? then eat at V2 again..hohohoho~


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