went to Barcelona last week with my friend
Barcelona is beautiful, but can’t see it as a city… cos it feels like Macau to

Went to la Sagrada Familia
la Sagrada Familia is very grand
but it cost us 5Euro(STD) to get in
wow, there a stairs to let us to walk to the top
very tired after we get to the top
but its worth it, cos its very beautiful
and you can view the whole Barcelona from the balcony
its a must go place

The foods is very good, ummmm, also cheaper than England
The people are nice, when we got lost, people approach us and ask us where we r
The transport planning also very good, cant see any traffic jam, and the taxi
are cheap too

One thing I really like is the restaurant open till very
and still many people inside.

I want to go clubbing, but……. we………
by the time, when we get to the club is already 2am
and we think we should go back to hotel, cos we have to check out at 12pm

Below are photos I took in Barcelona

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