New Shop

After Louis Vuitton Store, Selfridges etc. there is another big store just opened today in Birmingham… its Adidas Town…

went there with Todd, I like the shop’s interior design, because it can
represent its company.  And I can smell the plastic smell, its
FRESH, I think Nike Town Birmingham require some changes

Downloaded Style XP last weekend, designed a new theme for my Windows XP, I am loving it

There a Xmas party this weekend, we r going to play Santa Surprise, I
have to get a present between 1-2 pounds, its very hard to
think…  no clue at all, do u got any ideas?

anyway, I should back to work, because I have to finish my Java Coursework as soon as possible! Ciao~

10 thoughts on “

  1. hallo. hahahhaha.
    yo, da adidas looks cool. hehehhehe. and style XP is cool too =P
    i’ll see u tomorrow at 8th floor net cafe to meet the b ball players again ok?


  2. wahahaha u so update with all these~~ging ging!!btw where is adidas town? i didn’t have a clue there is one open jor…=_=’ so out tim…x’mas very soon la wor…u going back hk? or staying here?


  3. I am in Darlington~(Near Teeside Airport)
    Are you going back to Hong Kong soon?
    Or you want to stay in UK during the Christams?
    I am going to back to Hong Kong tomorrow~


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