Finally, I finished my
Brand New – Dax’s CV 2005 (UK edition)

I am HAPPY, because this
is the greatest version I have ever made! 

You like it?

A big thanks
to B, Todd, Steve,
Chris and T~~

Nothing much
happened this weekend
went to Selfridges to look for Notebook for my friends
finally, he bought a Fujitsu-Siemens
P4 3.33 with 1024MB DDR SDRAM
80GB hard disk and ATi 9700 Pro Graphic card
only cost 1199 pounds
its a good deal, right?

also, I am still
playing Need For Speed Underground 2
its a good game, I like my Honda Civic
just bought 2 new cars- Audi A3 and Golf GTI
but I don’t have money to upgrade it!
anyone knows how to add more money in the Career Mode?

I love my Civic, like my UPGRADE?

Only have purple neon and Windows tint upgraded, i need money!

Ummmmmm, look bad, I need money to upgrade it!

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9 thoughts on “

  1. hey how you doing? just want to say thanks for putting the photos of hk up, it was really nice, i miss it so much. so many years since ive been back. didnt know your in birmingham too.


  2. ha~ it’s difficult to get HL2 cd key which works with steam… i suggest you just go and buy the real copy -__-, its worth for the the money!
    btw hows underground2?


  3. my name is pikachu. me n juno share xanga together. juno is my friend. please support him. come, newz from juno.


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