Fire Alarm in the afternoon around 1pm
got to leave the building
then went out with T , we went to McDonald to eat
I had a Big Tasty Meal, its HUGE~
I can’t even finish it~

went to Superdrugs to buy fabric conditioner
but the cashier dunno the stock is on sale

got home, bring dirty cloths to the laundry
Our Uni’s laundry is fucking shit
took us 3 hours to do the washing, cos there only have 3 dryers

went home, continuous to watch “War and Beauty 金枝慾孽”
its very exciting~ cant stop~~
wanna know what is the ending, I think I should watch the ending first 😛
talked with B on phone
we talked a lot of things~

anyway, its 3am now, I think I should sleep~
school tmr 😦



也約過她晚飯 可算是相戀
要去到手拖手 差太遠

說我暗戀太肉麻 我愛那種感覺吧
與她都生疏了 為何仍會掛念她

初戀總錯過 友情歌說過 全是沒有結果
等不到我講所以離棄我 我是否想太多
初戀都錯過 我會否這樣傻 連自己都搞錯
今天先記得 常常來找我 是我不敢 還是她想愛我


說我暗戀太肉麻 我愛那種感覺吧
與他都生疏了 為何仍會掛念他


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5 thoughts on “

  1. yeah yeah yeah .. I like that show too … but i have been called a 8 poh for liking it =_= hahaha but now there are 2 “8 pohs” in the house !!! waaahahahahahha


  2. fung fung ar~miss u so much~~~~~~~!!!!!!
    u know wat ar~my new classmates saw ur pics in my album and they all saying dat u r soooooooo handsome ar~kekee~so be happy all da time and im alwayz supporting u!!!babe~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^3^


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