Happy Happy Happy
I only can say thank you

F is bak, went out with him tonight
so so so happy to see him again~~~

I m leaving this Sunday, I think I gonna miss HK a lot

朋友都輕鬆奉上祝福 旅途愉快
留低是個選擇 離開亦未算放開一切壓抑

我離別你全為太專心愛 怕忘掉了世間的色彩
離開 是為了回來

Im on the flight to Bir Bir mingham~
here I go, on my way, Everything will be OK

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6 thoughts on “

  1. hihi ff!! so lucky u get to party with f again ar! hehe i wish i can too =p miss u two a lot ar! and ur poem so sweet! happy anniversary! =)) wish u all the best ar!!


  2. hey
    hope u had an ok flight…
    im coming to england soon so maybe see u then!
    btw i like ur toshiba laptop very nice haha
    nwyz take care
    holla bak
    David Ku


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