Important Notice

Hello Everybody! I am Danny.
In order to strengthen my world status, I have decided to reorganise
my omni-directional communication system.

您好! 我係Danny
為了增強我在世界上的地位, 所以我決定重整我的全方位溝通系統


In the E-mail aspect, my brand new Gmail system enables everyone to
send large size emails to me. Gmail, a very famous e-mail system
invented by Google, provides the largest volume of e-mail space. Due
to that fact my personal email will be replaced by Gmail, and I will
not check my other accounts. Everybody has to now remember this one
Gmail email address, then you can connect to me easily. Super Easy!
Therefore, please do remember my new Gmail address, and please do not
forget to change it on your address book!

Please remember my NEW Personal Email address:

在E-mail方面, 我的全新Gmail系統容許大家傳送超大型郵件給我



My website will also go through a major change, will now
become The brand new web address will
make it easier for me to manage my website- DaXxX. Super groovy!



In the instant messaging aspect, I have united all my ICQ and MSN accounts 
into one of each. This will prevent all the hassle in looking for me all 
over and it makes life easier for you to talk to me! Super great!

在網上聯繫方面,已全面統一成一個ICQ及一個MSN Messenger的戶囗

ICQ- 5258490


Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours Sincerely,
Danny Cheng
CEO of DaXxX GrouP

峰峰集團總裁Danny Cheng上

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