1st time


The weather is FXxXxXG HOT today
I think the Ice in North Pole is Melting,
End of the World is COmING soon~

Errrrrr, I woke up @ 12, went out with Stephanie
because there a bday party in our house tonight
we have to go out and get some foods
Stephanie suggest me to make a Cheesecake~
Well, this is my first time…
I always wondered how to make a Cheesecake
believe it or not, its very easy,
but still took me around one and half hour to make
becuase I have to make the base first!

My Cheesecake look all right, isn’t it?

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  1. haha.. ya cheesecake lookd yummy yummy.. lol… but i dun want any.. i ate 2much 2day!!! =[ nd it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot!!!!! >:|


  2. sure i want 2 try ya cake.. but u dun want me 2 get fat do u?! lol.. i will try to do my best ga la… what nd where r u studying now?


  3. is it easy?????? dunno…. never cook anything b4… whaha…. yes la…. wanna work in RTHK2!!!!!! cox u know …. there is a programme called “Lun Chu Lai C” (7pm – 9pm MOnday – Friday)…. so gud ga!!!!! did u listen 2 it b4????


  4. 七一遊行議案被否決

    <TABLE align=right border=0>

    so su*ks……><


  5. Its look good…..exactly the same of the cover, I think this will taste good..yummy..Maybe next time you can make a tiramisu….


    hahaha tht cake is fine! and the thing in the oven (was it chicken?) looks good too! damn im so hungry rite now!! bro! help me out! cook me somin!!
    …HO ging wor haha ho funny wor…leng jai cooking cake! hahahaha~! nwyz take care bro


  7. wow~~~ lucky ya!!  can go back to hk!!so how long will ya stay??
    btw… thx 4 teaching me how to do da bkground!if i have any ques… can i ask ya again?? ^^ thx!!


  8. I am much better now …Thks!!! And it is because….Just leave it lor…Thks again….
    And I think you are really keng lor….How can you make the cheesecake looks exactly the same as the cover? I love making cakes…But I never made it like the cover ones lor…..And is it taste good? I think so…..I wanna try it…..Can you make one to me…haha…Lol….
    So good you back to HK already!!!


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