Friday & Saturday
luvin’ you



Went to the train station at 4:30pm
picked you up
went home …

so happy to see u again~ miss u so so so much
you burned me some DVDs, we watched 3 chapters of
衝上雲霄, went dinner at 7:30pm

We went straight home after dinner, because we both feel tire and its freezing outside, we continuous to watch
衝上雲霄 after we got home.

We heard some strange noises outside at around 10pm. we went outside to see what happen
cant believe it, its
its so beautiful!
very nice

went down to Stephanie’s room to have soup after fireworks, she is so kind to us~

went to bed around 2am…


some noises woke us up!!






its that fucking fire alarm
OMG! its around 4am in the morning
we have to get change, so sleepy!!
went downstairs and wait for Stephanie
because we have to leave our building
saw a fire engine outside!
the staff said this is a real fire wo~
but I cant smell and see any fire!
anyway, Stephanie its funny, 
we had been waiting for her around 10 mins
if there a real fire, I think we will be …

its freezing and raining outside, the staff opened the TV lounge for all the students to stay. Finally, we can go back to our building at 5am~

I don’t know why
I still feeling very happy, because..
you are here with me

甜美得使我太難受 可惜得一對手 
捉緊了你沒有 從來亦自戀兼愛自由 
臨到很想吻你時候 我突然沒法走 
忘掉在這麼一個地球 我未曾玩夠 

為何越來越愛你 討好你叫我歡喜 
但求入戲 你呼的氣 想一口一口貯起 

越難越愛你 差些功力沒法逃避 
懂得妒忌 不只好奇 
這心理 痛快得生氣

還看不真你已流汗 有話題沒法講 
彷徨蜜蜂找不到蜜糖 太令人沮喪



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